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Products Line up

Cardiovascular image
Bi-leaflet Heart Valve
Proximal Anastomosis Device for CABG
RF Soft Tissue Surgical
Ablation System CV Surgical Clamp
Surgical Adhesive
Cardiology ¡õ
Cardiology & Electrophysiology image
Hot Balloon Ablation System
Cardiac Ablation System
EP Diagnostic Catheter
X-ray Protection Cabin
Peripheral Intervention

Orthopedics image
Iliac Stents, PTA Balloons, Guide Wire
Shapeable Support Catheter
Wound Care

Critical & Respiratory Care image
Dermal Regeneration
Template (Artificial Skin)
Ultrasound Diagnostics Accessories ¡õ Anesthesiology
Ultrasound Diagnostics & Accessories image
Ultrasound Guided Needle Guide, Cover, Accessories
Echogenic Needle, A line Catheter Dressings and Securement Products
Breast Disease

General Surgery & Breast Disease Management image
Coagulating Electro-Surgical Device
Thermal Scalpel System
Endoscopic Products
Endoscopic Products image
Gastrointestinal Stent
Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic surgery image
Laparoscopic Instruments
Critical Care
Critical Care image
Vein illumination system
Neuro Intervention
Neuro Intervention image
Electro-detachable Coil
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